The Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer is a heavy duty stand mixer great for the home chef. It features a 325 Watt Heavy Duty motor that can handle hard to do jobs such as mixing dough.  The head tilts back for easy access and the mixer comes with the following tools: flat beater, dough hook, and wire whip.

The flat beater, dough hook, and the professional wire whip add to the versatility of the mixer. The flat beater is the ideal accessory for mixing normal to heavy batters. From cake mixes to firm cookie dough, the flat beater mixes quickly and thoroughly.

The dough hook mixes and kneads yeast dough, saving both time and the effort of hand-kneading. The wire whip incorporates the maximum amount of air in whipped mixtures for fluffier whipped cream and angel food cakes.

All attachments are solidly constructed, and attach easily to the stand mixer.


Source: Kitchen Aid